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Monday Medi Moments.

Every Monday at 9:30AM PST, we host a live meditation on Facebook and Instagram. This month, we’re focusing on openness. Watch the Monday Medi archives by clicking on the button below.


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Who We Are

We provide e-courses, live events, and professional consulting to people seeking insight and self-awareness through meditation and mindfulness training. We all have the ability to bring peace, patience & compassion into our lives. We are here to guide you. We provide peace of mind through insight and mindfulness training so all things become possible.

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I can’t thank Self-Discovery Group enough for the techniques that I’ve learned. They have changed my life forever and I will continue to use them everyday.

— K.H., student

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[The] techniques that are part of [Self-Discovery Group’s] program really kept me going through it and enabled me to lengthen my practice and build that muscle, so that when I sat down, my body automatically knew what to do.

— J.S., student


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