We help you find your inner quiet, tap into your intuition, and ease anxiety. Study meditation, mindfulness, and metaphysics in our self-paced eCourses and private sessions. Whether you’re new to meditation or you’ve been meditating for years, our offerings are designed to help you build insight and inner peace. Our founder, Deanna Marcus, has been teaching meditation, mindfulness, and metaphysics for over 30 years. Her passion has always been to make meditation accessible to everyone, no matter their background or experience. Join our community and feel the benefits of mindful living.

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Reap the benefits of energy work and years of intuitive practice by booking a private business or personal session with Deanna.

The healing work I do is quite a unique blend of energy work, intuition, metaphysics, strategy coaching, and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).

I’ve never met someone who does what I do. My work comes from my intuitive ability and years of study that I’ve been honing my whole adult life. It also comes from thousands of years of knowledge that can only be passed down from other healers with intuitive gifts.

I track, move, and change energy while giving you the tools you need to make shifts in the way you think, behave, and make choices. I’ve helped thousands of people make significant business decisions, change years old habits, cultivate healthy relationships, and find relief from stress disorders, loss, and depression.

Everything is energy. My gift is that I can see and read that energy. It is you, your loved ones, the people you work with, your business, the house you live in. I will guide you so that you can experience ease and manifest abundance.

  • Mauri

    “From [my] first session [with Deanna,] I felt a relief I had seldom felt before about being able to express to someone who understood and saw me, even when my own words faltered. Her sage, loving counsel and ability to “see” deeply has helped lead me to a place of love and satisfaction for myself and my life in a way I don’t think I realized was possible. I have gained so much from her private sessions.”

    Mauri T, CNRA

  • raj

    I feel so surrounded by grace and love whenever I am blessed enough to be working with Deanna in a healing session. She is a deeply intuitive healer who is divinely connected to Spirit and Source. As such, she can often “see” the next steps required to heal a relationship, move back into a place of greater alignment, and deeper connection. I have felt much more at peace since I started working with Deanna, and I now know my path and purpose in this life.”

    Raj S, Grants Coordinator at OHSU

  • wendy

    “There is not a day that goes by that I do not use the tools you’ve taught me. Not a day. It has shaped me. It has been where I go to heal. It is where I go to understand the world. It is where I go to level up. Those tools are part of the fabric of my being.”

    Wendy W, CEO and Founder of Soul Made Agency

  • paul

    “Deanna has guided me back to my heart. With Deanna’s help, I can imagine a more whole way of being heart centered. I now prioritize my heart as truth and that has supported my living a more authentically creative life approach. She gave me ‘tools of practice’ to return home with and successfully integrate into my psychotherapy practice and hospital work.”

    Paul Rammer, Psychotherapist

Woman in prayer pose in seated meditation.

Who We Are

We provide peace of mind and insight through meditation and mindfulness training.

We offer eCourses, live events, and private sessions to people seeking insight and self-awareness through meditation and mindfulness training. We all have the ability to bring peace, patience, and compassion into our lives. We’re here to guide you.

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We believe that meditation and mindfulness should be accessible to everyone, which is why we’re committed to producing free guided meditations and mindfulness exercises to compliment our eCourses.

We want to help all people ease anxiety, alleviate tension, and experience calm. Your donations help us make meditation and mindfulness accessible to more people.

SDG Meditation is a very small operation, run primarily by Deanna and Sofia, a mother/daughter duo in Portland, Oregon. We produce, write, film, and photograph our meditations and eCourse materials all on our own, as well as manage the daily tasks of running a small business. The support we receive from our community helps more than you know!


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I can’t thank Self-Discovery Group enough for the techniques that I’ve learned. They have changed my life forever and I will continue to use them everyday.

– K.H., student

[The] techniques that are part of [Self-Discovery Group’s] program really kept me going through it and enabled me to lengthen my practice and build that muscle, so that when I sat down, my body automatically knew what to do.

– J.S., student

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