Sitali (Cooling) Breath | August 2020

In the past couple months, we’ve recorded several meditations for you in some of our favorite places around Oregon! We did this first one on the path between Little Crater Lake and Timothy Lake in Mount Hood National Forest. In this meditation, we’re sharing a cooling breath with you called Sitali breath. You can practice by breathing in through a rolled tongue or pursed lips, as if you’re sucking in through a straw. Exhale out your nose.

Breathing with rolled tongue

Breathing through pursed lips

While practicing this breath, sit with your palms facing up, so you can fully take in the calming effects of your practice. Close your eyes and look up and inward. Feel your body relaxing into your breath. Begin to expand your breath. I like to breath in for five counts and exhale out for five to seven counts.

Whenever you want to rebalance, calm the mind, cleanse your energy, and cool off, Sitali breath is a great method to use.

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