Breathing in Strokes | September 2020

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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the awareness of your thoughts, body, emotional state, and that which animates you. You are the witness and the observer of your thoughts. You are not your thoughts; your thoughts are a function of your brain. So, bring awareness to your breathing. Observe your breathing patterns!

You often hear me say during a meditation that the body breathes you, the eternal you. “The eternal you” is the observer or the witness of your thoughts, breath, body, and actions.


YOU, the eternal you, is riding on the wings of your breath.

Meditation: breathing in strokes

Eight stroke breath

Sometimes it really helps to count your breaths, which is what we’re doing today. This is one way to bring mindfulness to your breath.

Allow your body to begin to relax. Release your jaw, relax your shoulders down your back, release your seat bones, feet, and hands. Place your palms up in a receptive posture.

We’re going to inhale in eight equal strokes. We sniff through the nose in eight equal strokes to the top of the lungs. Then we release a very rewarding exhale through the nose, letting all the breath out. Relax the breath and notice the changes that are happening. Be completely still for a few moments.

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