Cultivate Your Intention Sunrise Meditation | September 2020

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We recorded this sunrise meditation just days before the wildfires reached Mount Hood. So many Oregonians are grieving or afraid right now. We hope this sunrise meditation on incredible Mount Hood will bring you a few moments of solace.

Begin today by setting your intention. What do you want to cultivate throughout your day and beyond? Let’s meditate on that.

The way to choose an intention is to become aware. What’s essential for your wellbeing today?

Think of your intention as an antidote to unpleasant or unhealthy situations and feelings that you want to bring into balance. If you’re feeling afraid, the antidote might be love, joy, or healing. Choosing something that resonates with you.

If you have them, angel cards can help you define your intention.

Our thoughts are with all of our fellow Oregonians and everyone who lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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