A Very Special Final Monday Medi | November 2020

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Important Announcement!

Today’s episode of Monday Medi Moments is our last. But don’t worry, we’re just making way for equally great things.

In January, we’ll be releasing the first of three eCourses that explore the foundations of mindfulness, metaphysics, and building a meditation practice. We’ll also be offering a monthly drop-in Zoom meditation class. Get your fix of mindfulness goodness on our Instagram and Facebook communities, where we’ll be releasing weekly mindfulness tips that we’re calling Medi Moments.

The Monday Medi Moments blog will be renamed the Medi Moments blog, but you’ll still have access to past Monday Medi Moments! So please, take advantage of them and continue enjoying your favorite Monday Medis for free.

We’re beyond excited to continue growing with you in 2021 and beyond! Expect more eCourses, drop in Zoom classes, and other offerings. Look out for more announcements on what’s coming soon!

Now, for today’s Monday Monday Medi Moment…

We open our heart to the possibilities of love, happiness, and kindness to ourselves and to all people. As we open our heart, we also naturally begin to let go of gripping, clenching, and resisting in our hearts and minds. When we soften those areas in our body and life, everything shifts. This week we’ll be opening up to the energy of the heart, also known as the fourth chakra.

Fun Fact

The heart pumps over 2,000 gallons of blood per day and beats 115,000 times per day. Our hearts are powerful.


“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

– Rumi

Breathe Into Your Heart

Close your eyes and breathe, nice round deep breaths. Really receive the breath in.

Notice the length and quality of your breath, allowing your breath to breathe you, the eternal you, the you that has no beginning and no end.

Balance the ears over the shoulders, releasing the shoulders down your back. Look up and inward to the center of your brain, the centerline of the body. Find the stillness and absence of thought, calm and relaxed. Take a couple of breaths here.

Put your right hand on your heart. Breathe into your heart. With every breath, cultivate the power of your heart, the love of your heart, and the possibilities of your heart. Breathing in, say to yourself: “I’m aware of my heart.” Breathing out, say to yourself: “I’m aware of my heart.” Again.

Feel qualities of the heart energy such as love, acceptance, care, joy, happiness, and kindness. Notice as this energy travels through the heart and into the bloodstream, coursing through your body, pushing past your skin, and expanding in all directions into the world.

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