Full Round Breaths | September 2020

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This week we’re continuing our breath practice using simple breathing exercises. This meditation is dedicated to all the people who’ve been impacted by the wildfires in Oregon, Washington, and California. We hope this meditation can bring you some calm during these scary times.

Today we’re focusing on taking big, round breaths to calm our bodies and ease any fear we might be feeling. When we’re feeling scared, fearful, or anxious, we tend to breathe very quickly and shallowly. It might feel like we’re breathing normally in the moment, so we encourage you to check in with yourself. How are you breathing? What are the qualities of your breath? When we bring attention to our breath, we can begin to focus on relaxing it.

Let us lead you through a relaxation and breathing process in which we’ll help you relax every part of your body. Our thoughts are with everyone who are being affected by the wildfires.

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