Mastering Concentrated Breathing | October 2020

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Honoring Our Breath

This week and for the rest of the year we’ll be continuing our breath series. Now more than ever, we know how important the breath is, which is why we’ve been exclusively working with the breath for the past several months.

In times of chaos, change, and uncertainty, the breath is our best tool to alleviate stress and anxiety. Your breath is your most important resource and you always have it.

Focused Breath

Focused breath is at the center of a mindfulness practice.

Cultivating length and quality to your breath…

  • increases relaxation

  • alleviates pressure

  • decreases toxins in your body

  • increases calm

  • retrains the mind to cope more easily with difficult or scary situations

  • teaches you to respond rather than react

  • increases your concentration and focus

Breath Practice

To calm down and release stress and anxiety, focus on the length of your inhale and exhale. Practice long, deep breathing. If you can, sit with a straight spine to give your lungs space to expand.

Mindfulness is the awareness that you are the observer of your thoughts. You are not your thoughts. The focused breath is the center of your mindfulness practice. Building concentration and focus creates depth of insight. Depth of insight leads to peace of mind.

Think of being free of thinking rather than lost in thought.

Bring your full attention to your breath. Notice the length and quality of your breathing. As we lengthen the inhale and exhale, we allow all our concentration and attention to arrive in the here and now. Allow the breath to become the sole object of your attention, no longer distracted by the past or future, but simply enjoying this moment.

When you’re breathing in, know that you’re breathing in. When you’re breathing out, know that you’re breathing out. Feel the sensation of breath as it travels through your body. If your mind wanders, simply bring your attention and concentration back to the breath. Fully engage in your inhale and exhale.

Here and Now

Place one hand on your belly and feel the rise and fall of the inhale and exhale. Know you’re breathing in and know you’re breathing out. Each breath is an opportunity to inhale anew and each exhale is an opportunity to release all the breath out.

Continue to breathe and enjoy your breath. Practice long and deep breathing.

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