Mindful, Calming Breath | September 2020

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Calming Breath

We unwind the breath one inhale and one exhale at a time. Let’s break it down.

Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale all the breath out, taking with it all non-resourceful energies. Just as you naturally breathe in new and refreshing energy, you also naturally exhale tension, tightness, and distraction.

Breath Practice

Try to lengthen your inhales to three seconds, pausing at the top, releasing the breath out for six seconds, and pausing at the bottom of the exhale for a moment. Imagine your inhale traveling down your back to the base of your spine, visualizing a flame there. Exhale the breath up the spine.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Where do you most commonly hold tension? Wherever you find tension, take your breath into those spaces in your body and mind. With each and every breath, soften the edges of any places that you hold and grip, in your mind, body, and life.

Counting is Calming

Counting seconds with each inhale and exhale is a great way to calm the mind. Practice noticing your breath, particularly during times of stress.

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