How to Set an Intention You Can Feel Confident About

This month we’ve focused on intention, attention, and cultivating our agenda for 2020. We took elements from a yearly workshop we do called “Mission to Manifest.” Use the following steps to cultivate your 2020 intention. Write your 2020 mission statement in the comments!

Choose your 2020 word.

What’s your word of the year? This word is the seed that you want to grow in your life. My word this year is supple. Your word drives your mission forward for the year. My mission statement for this year is, “I am supple in mind, body and action. I expand compassion, patience and simplicity.” Pick a word that resonates with you to use as your 2020 intention.

The key to manifesting positive intention is to…

  • Define it

  • Grow it

  • Release the barriers to it

Refine your intention.

  • Put your word in a mission statement that drives your vision for this year.

  • Who do you want to be? How do you want to grow? What’s your vision for yourself in 2020? Your personal mission statement should specifically reflect what you’re cultivating and growing in your life this year.

  • Your mission statement becomes your mantra/prayer for the year. What’s your aim for this year?

In 2019 my mission statement was, “I am happy to share my lessons learned. I release attachment and expand the essence of love.” Again, this year my mission statement is, “I am supple in my mind, body, and actions.”

In business, your mission statement is the reason your business exists. For example, our mission statement at Self-Discovery Group is, “we provide peace of mind and insight through mindfulness and meditation training.”

Surrender and sacrifice to manifest.

We have to be able to let things go in order to make room in our lives for something greater. Surrender and sacrifice are the keys to manifestation. When we surrender, we give up completely in favor of another; in this case it’s your intention and mission for 2020. To sacrifice means giving up something highly valued for the sake of something of even greater value.

Be willing to surrender something in favor of your intention/mission. What are you willing to sacrifice or let go of for the sake of your 2020 intention? You might start by thinking about what you could let go of that distracts you (ie, overeating, smoking, over-consuming alcohol, sitting too much, watching screens more than interacting with others, working too much, and endless negative talk).

We can’t just keep consuming and absorbing without being willing to let go. Letting go makes room for new things. We often avoid letting things go because it can make us feel less in control. Witness, observe, and allow your life to unfold.

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