The Center of Your Head | October 2020

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The Center of Your Head

This week we continue our meditation series on using our breath to center our energies. Today we’ll practice being in the center of our head.

So, what is the center of your head?

The center of your head is the neutral mind. Think of putting a car in neutral. You’re not thinking about what happened yesterday or what might happen tomorrow. All of your focus is in this moment. Just like neutral in your car, you’re not in drive and you’re not in reverse. You’re neutral.


  • …calms the mind

  • …focuses the mind

  • …accesses the neutral mind

As we practice being in the center of our head, we find the place where we’re simply witnessing our thoughts, sensations, and actions. You are not your thoughts. You are the witness to your thoughts.

The neutral mind (ie, the center of your head) is where you experience the power of observation, free of assessment and judgement.

Place one index finger on the middle of the top of your head, and the other index finger right between and slightly above your eyebrows. Imagine beams of light radiating from each index finger. Where those beams would intersect is the center of your head.

Try it. Take a moment to find the center of your head with your fingers. Keep your fingers where they are and close your eyes. Look up and inward to the center of your brain and to the midline of your body.

Notice Your Breath

Now, relax your palms down on your thighs and allow your attention to rest softly in that space in the center of your head. Notice your breath. What is the length and quality of your breath today?

Take several nice, round, deep breaths. Allow your breath to breathe you, the eternal you: the you that has no beginning and no end. Rest softly in your mind’s eye.

It takes dedication and practice to experience freedom from assessment and judgment. As you rest in the center of your head, allow your thoughts to come and go. Imagine a stream of thoughts as you stand by a riverbank. You will know the thoughts are there, but you’re simply observing and witnessing the thoughts and sensations as they pass by, free from the chaos, attachment, judgement, or assessment of the thoughts. They are simply thoughts. Thoughts will come and thoughts will go. Just observe them passing by.

Bring Your Attention Back to Your Breath

If your mind wanders, gently bring your attention back to a state of observation. Allow your full attention to be in the center of your head in this moment, noticing your breath. Neutral and still. Calm and reflective. Allow all concerns to cease. Rest softly here and notice your breath.

As you inhale, breathe into the belly. Feel the belly expanding as you inhale. As you exhale, feel the navel falling back to the spine. Listen to the sound of your breath. Feel the sensation of the breath as it travels through the top of the head and into the body.

Breathing in, I’m aware of my whole body and breathing out I’m aware of my whole body. See if you can lengthen your inhale and pause the breath at the top of the inhale for a moment. Then exhale the breath slowly. Expand the length of the exhale.

Be in the center of your head.

Peace be with you.

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