The Center of Your Head Part 2 | October 2020

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Today’s Monday Medi Moment: Center of Your Head Part 2

Let’s center, ground, and breathe together. If you missed our last post about the center of your head and you need a primer, click here.

Close your eyes. With your eyes closed, look up and inward to the center of your head and your mind’s eye. Allow your attention to rest softly here. As you completely relax, let your whole body soften and all concerns cease.


“Your goal is not to battle with the mind, but to witness the mind.”

– Swami Muktananda

From the center of your head, notice your breath, neutral and still, calm and reflective. Notice the length and quality of your breath. Notice the softness of your breath as it travels through the body. Listen to the sound your breath makes. Feel the flow of the breath through your body.

Allow your breath to breathe you, the eternal you, the you that has no beginning and no end. Bring all your attention and focus to this moment, free from judgment and assessment. Let your thoughts come and go. If your attention wanders, simply bring your focus back to the center of your head. Notice what captivates your attention. Witness and observe the thoughts and sensations free of judgement, assessment, or attachment.

Practice observing life from the center of your head, grounded, and from a neutral mind.

Peace be with you.

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