The Grounded Breath | October 2020

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The Grounded Breath

This month we’re focusing more on our breath, specifically by practicing concentrated breathing.

In today’s meditation practice, we’re using our breath to ground and center.

Follow along in this grounded breathing exercise. Grounding stabilizes and calms the mind and body. Practicing grounding helps us gather, consolidate, and center our energetic resources, as well as release non-resourceful energies. Grounding connects us to the here and now.

We invite you to close your eyes and focus inward. Tune into the breath. Notice the length and quality of your breath today.

Bringing Awareness to the Breath

I often use visual metaphors when talking about the breath to bring more awareness to our breathing. What would it be like if we were so aware of our own breathing that we could slow it down when the breath became too fast or lengthen it when the breath became shallow?

Take a few nice, round deep breaths. Inhale deeply and exhale all the breath out. Take slow and steady inhales and slow and steady exhales.

Feel the sensations of your breath as it moves through your body. Allow yourself to enjoy your breath.

Let Gravity Do What Gravity Does

Allow any areas of tension and distraction to release down your grounding cord. Let gravity do what gravity does, composting and neutralizing all that you are releasing with each exhale. With each breath, breathe in new and refreshing energies, building your energetic resources in your pelvis. Exhale out and let go of all non-resourceful energy.

Breathing in, I follow my breath all the way from the beginning to the end of the breath. Breathing out, I follow my breath all the way to the end of the exhale. Enjoy the whole breath. Nice, round deep breaths.

Put your hands together in front of your heart. Allow your attention to rest gently in the space of your heart. Peace be with you.

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