Announcing Biweekly Drop-In Meditation Classes via Zoom

Drop-In Meditation Classes Via Zoom Every Other Wednesday

Announcing biweekly drop-in meditation classes!

Please note: This offering has currently ended.

Our classes will be an online respite for all skill levels with food for thought, guided meditation, and discussion. Whether you just started your practice or you’ve been meditating for years, we’ll have plenty of takeaways for you. This is your space to relax and find your quiet. 

November’s focus: intention

In November, our drop-in meditation classes will focus on the power of intention. We’ll begin class with a short lesson on intention, giving you inspiration for your own intention practice.

We’ll explore questions like…

  • Why is intention-setting important?
  • How does intention change your mood?
  • How are you influencing your world and what does intention have to do with it?

We’ll follow up our lesson with three long-form meditations (10-20 minutes each) and we’ll end with a closing Q&A and discussion.


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