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RECAP: Mission to Manifest 2019

On January 26th, we hosted our first live event of the year: Mission to Manifest. It was an amazing day filled with incredible people manifesting their highest good. We had all of our Self-Discovery Group teachers in the room, including founder Deanna Marcus, therapist Kirk Cook, healing teacher Barbara Sambuceto, and spiritual life coach Wendy Williams. Photographer Sofia Marcus-Myers, designer Celeste Folsom, and analytics wiz Michele Houck joined us as well. It felt like the whole fam was there!

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Manifesting in 2019: Actionable Steps

Consider five tendencies you’d like throw in the metaphorical trash can. If you’re doing too much, consider leaving behind the tendency you have to do everything. Or, maybe you don't overcommit yourself, but you’re critical and overthink things. In this case you might consider leaving behind the need to be right, perfect, or combative. If you tend to struggle, leave behind struggle and the story you tell yourself and others about your struggles.

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