Mini Medi Moment: Blowing Roses 2 | June 2020


Welcome back to Monday Medi Moments. Today we’re practicing Blowing Roses, one of our favorite techniques for releasing ineffective thoughts, ideas, or interactions.

Learn more about this topic and enjoy a meditation and mindfulness experiment about Blowing Roses and related topics by clicking here.

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“In the process of letting go, you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself.”

– Deepak Chopra

We are in a time of transformation, rebirth, the death of the old, and a new beginning emerging.

This month, Vogue has a rose on its cover, symbolizing the new beginnings and transformative time we’re currently in. Read the story behind the June/July 2020 Vogue cover by clicking here. This was extra moving for us because the rose is a powerful spiritual symbol in many religious and spiritual traditions.

We use the rose throughout our programs as a metaphor for the cycles and facets of life, like death, rebirth, and all the cycles in between.

For the purpose of today’s meditation, we use the rose as a symbol of letting go and transcending old and outdated thoughts, ideas, and notions to create anew.


Notice your breath. Notice the length and quality of your breathing. It’s so important to breathe. Now more than ever we realize the sacred quality of our breath and the life giving force of our breath.

Spend a moment recognizing your breath and noticing the qualities of your breath. Notice where your inhale meets your exhale.

Listen to the sound your breath makes.

When you exhale, exhale a sigh. Release.

Consider the Latin expression, “sub rosa,” literally meaning under the rose, something told in secret and held in confidence. It’s a process aimed at releasing our fears and secrets. We allow the rose to absorb and transcend our secrets. The rose is a symbol of divine love and transformation. We use the rose as a metaphor for life.

What is the secret(s) you hold that causes shame or blame?

Breathe out your secrets into a metaphorical rose. Imagine this rose a few feet in front of you. Visualize or have the knowingness that you’re releasing all tension and tightness into the rose. Our secrets tend to hold us to our past. Release that into a rose. Allow the rose to magnetize all non-resourceful energy. Then allow the rose to simply combust, disintegrate, or disappear into thin air.

Notice how the rose just naturally accepts the energy of the thought into itself.

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