Building a Forgiveness Practice

The whole month of August, we’ve been talking about and meditating on forgiveness. To build a forgiveness practice (because it most certainly is a practice), use the following as a guide:

  1. Practice seeing yourself in others.

    The first step to forgiving is to have empathy for others and put ourselves in others’ shoes. We have to be able to see ourselves as similar (as a collective) if we want to find forgiveness.

  2. Understand that most of us are doing the best we can with the knowledge we have.

    It’s hard to believe that people are doing their best if we don’t have empathy for them first. That’s why we practice seeing ourselves in others before this step.

  3. Gather the tools we need to forgive.

    The “tools” is our level of insight. We gain insight through simple observation. Observe from the neutral mind (the third eye). Practice observing rather than reacting. We gain courage as our insight grows.

  4. Learn the power and ease of forgiveness.

    By surrendering and letting forgiveness wash over us, we gain freedom in our lives. Forgiveness simply allows us to release attachment from the pain and suffering we’ve experienced in the past. Forgiveness is not a pass we give to others. In other words, it doesn’t mean that we have to accept negative or bad behavior from others. It simply means to release the idea that the past can or will change. By releasing ill thoughts and deeds of the past and present, we experience freedom.

Often the first person we need to forgive is ourselves. After all, we believe that forgiveness and self-love is the gift you give yourself, and it comes from within. Harboring ill feelings creates more ill feelings, just as love creates more love and good will. Forgiving yourself and others opens the door to an abundance of love, acceptance, and creative possibilities. Mastering the art of forgiveness allows you to see and actualize your life’s potential. Your capacity to fulfill your desires is equal to the level of forgiveness you have for yourself and others.

Forgiveness Exercise:

Answer the following questions. We recommend answering these questions in a journal or in a text doc on your computer.

  1. What do you most need to forgive yourself for (what’s your biggest secret)?

  2. Who are the people in your life who you most need to forgive?

  3. Make a list of all the words and deeds that you’re forgiving this person or people for.

  4. Make a list of thoughts, words, and deeds to forgive within yourself.

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Forgiveness can be one of the hardest things to master – we know! What or who are you forgiving in your own life? How does forgiveness make you feel? We want to know! Leave us a comment below to continue the conversation.


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