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Our Meditation for Life eCourses are designed to teach you practical and easy ways to apply and sustain a contemplative meditation practice. We teach a blend of metaphysical and spiritual principals to help you expand your awareness of your true self. Our courses and workshops focus on mindfulness training in all its facets. We understand the ways in which a daily meditative practice can radically improve and change your life and relationships. Our programs center around the concept that we are all whole and one. With that in mind, anything is possible.

Get Started With 5 Days Happier

In our mini course, learn to breathe and sit with ease, create your own unique meditation space, and begin your meditation practice.

What’s included?

✔️ Learn the benefits of a daily meditation practice.

✔️ Four, short and accessible guided meditations. Get ready to feel relaxed in under 10 minutes.

✔️ Two video lessons to get you breathing deeply and sitting comfortably.

✔️ Creative ideas for setting up a personalized meditation space (even if you’re away from home).

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Get Started With Meditation for Life (Part I)

Learn mindfulness through a metaphysical lens and begin to understand the way energy works.

What’s included?

✔️ 22 guided meditations

✔️ 8 concise, info-rich video lessons

✔️ Written lessons for each topic

✔️ Charts to help you visualize important meditation and mindfulness techniques

✔️ Four Meditation Happy Hours (Zoom workshop replays), which include guided meditations, answers to common questions, and further discussion on each course topic

✔️ Automatic enrollment into 5 Days Happier, our mini meditation eCourse

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Get Started With Meditation for Life (Part II)

This course is currently closed for enrollment.

Learn how to use the human energy system as a pathway for healing.

What’s included?

✔️ 4 video lessons about the human energy system, chakras, and your aura

✔️ 11 guided meditations, including one for each chakra

✔️ A weekly discussion prompt

✔️ Reading materials and exercises related to each lesson

✔️ Charts to help you visualize the energy system

As part of this course, you’ll also have exclusive access to six Energy Happy Hours via Zoom. Together, we’ll meditate, talk about your questions, and dive into each of our course topics:

How The Human Energy System Affects You

  • Yin Versus Yang energy

  • Earth Energies and Cosmic Energies

Using Energy To Develop Insight and Promote Healing

  • Looking at Stagnation in the Yin Body

  • Looking at Stagnation in the Yang Body

  • Working with Cosmic Energy

  • Working with Earth Energy

Running and Releasing Energy

  • Running Energy

  • Reviewing the Energy System

The Chakras Part 1

  • What Are Chakras and Why Do They Matter?

The Chakras Part 2

  • The Bottom Creative Triangle

  • The Upper Chakras

The Aura

  • Learning How to Feel Your Energetic Boundaries

  • Contracting and Expanding the Energy Field

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Get Started With Meditation for Life (Part III)

Building Emotional Resilience

This course is currently closed for enrollment.

When we learn to become more supple with our emotions and feelings, we begin to move through life with greater ease.

In this course, we’ll help you build emotional flexibility. You’ll learn what it means to embrace a full range of emotional experience.

What’s included?

✔️ 5 video lessons about emotions, resistance vs non-resistance, and resilience

✔️ 3 guided meditations

✔️ Reading materials and exercises related to each lesson

✔️ Charts to help you visualize what you’re learning

✔️ 2 hour Zoom event

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