Cultivating Your Intention

Cultivating Your Intention

“What you appreciate appreciates.” ~ Lynne Twist

This month on Monday Medi Moments, we’ve focused a lot on cultivating intention. Cultivating intention is important because it brings focus and purpose to your life. If you’ve been feeling a little off your center lately, cultivating intention is a great exercise for you.

When you think about what you want to cultivate in your life, think about what would fulfill you. Keep in mind that while money and other material objects aren’t bad, they don’t necessarily bring you the most fulfillment. We’re taught from a young age that success means having money, but we want you to go deeper. What do you need right now to feel a greater sense of connection to others? What do you need to feel a deeper love for yourself? What is it that will bring you the most healing?

Your “I Am” Statement

Once you have your answer, distill your intention down to one word. That word will finish your “I am” statement, which you’ll use during meditation to embody your intention. For example, if I want to feel more peace in life, my “I am” statement might be, “I am peace.” When meditating, I can say “I am peace” on my inhale and “you are peace” on my exhale. It goes a little something like this:

Inhale and embody the words: I am peace (or whatever your “I am” statement is).

Exhale and embody the words: you are peace (or whatever your “I am” statement is).

With each inhale and exhale, you’ll feel even more grounded to your intention. You’ll begin to embody it in everyday life even when you aren’t meditating. We also suggest printing out a copy of your “I am” statement, framing it, and putting it somewhere you’ll see everyday.

The Four Steps

The four steps to cultivating intention are:

  1. Pay attention. Notice and reflect upon your sensations, thoughts, actions, and feelings.

  2. Create your intention from what you notice. What does your body and mind need to be fulfilled?

  3. Become the embodiment of your intention. From that, create your “I am” statement: I am that. For example, “I am peace,” “I am love,” “I am strength,” etc.

  4. Appreciate, be grateful, and grow. Expand your intention to meet you in all facets of your life.

Monday Medi Moments

Watch our guided meditations below to help you embody your intention. Have any questions for us? Leave us a comment! We love hearing from you.


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