Join us for Meditation Happy Hour!

Meditation Happy Hour is our online respite for all skill levels with food for thought, guided meditation, and discussion. Whether you just started your practice or you’ve been meditating for years, you’re welcome here. This is your space to relax and find your quiet.

What to expect in class:


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What can meditating do for you?

? Bring on the zzz’s

? Increase your focus

? Mood boost!

? Strengthen your immune system

? Grow neuroplasticity (i.e. brain flexibility)


Why SDG Meditation?

It’s our mission to make meditation and mindfulness accessible to all people, no matter your experience level, learning style, or background. We’ve been teaching meditation for over 30 years to thousands of students all over the world, from beginning meditators to meditation practitioners. You’ll not only meditate with us in class; you’ll also discover more about yourself and the people around you. When you take a class with us, you’ll learn mindfulness techniques that will help you embody your meditation practice every moment of the day.

Join us as we meditate, reflect, and relax!


Join us in class!