Good Health Meditation 2 | March 2020

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Oh, how a week can change everything… Today we’re focusing on boosting our energetic resources, our immune system, and soothing anxiety.

“Be grateful for the opportunity to be alive. To grow. To feel. To become. And to cultivate and expand the creativity and the purpose of your soul. Be well. And rest softly in the center of your being.”

– Deanna

Mindfulness Lesson:

Build your energetic resources from your navel energy center (your core). Do this by choosing where you put your focus and what you take in. We have to focus on what we consume and cultivate right now. Share your resources rather than hoard them. Sharing your resources expands your resources.

Your mind gets louder before it gets quiet. 20 minutes of daily meditation gives the central nervous system enough time to relax. Now is a good time to practice quieting your mind.

Times of change, growth, and expansion are punctuated with adversity, grief, and tears.

Open your doors and windows if you can. If you have an outdoor space, spend time outdoors.

Mindfulness Exercise:

Meditate for 20 minutes per day to relax your central nervous system.

Be present. When you begin to feel afraid or anxious, ask yourself the following:

– Can I do anything about it right now? If so, what can be done?

– If there isn’t anything I can do to change my circumstances, can I relax for a moment?

Stay present with what you’re doing in any given moment. If you’re cooking, for example, notice what it feels like to chop vegetables or hear food sizzling in the pan. Allow any fear to dissipate by being present. Come back to this exercise whenever you need to release fear or anxiety.

Be kind. Be helpful.

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

Albert Einstein

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