Good Health Meditation 1 | March 2020

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We’re shifting gears this month due to the increasing severity and safety measures surrounding COVID-19. Today we’re focusing on the energy of the third chakra. Your third chakra is your power center. It regulates the energy in the body and helps promote a healthy immune system.

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Third chakra information:

  • Color: yellow

  • Element: fire

  • Location: navel

  • Organ association: liver, pancreas, and stomach

  • Association: power, energetic resources, creative action, and subconscious mind

  • The third chakra is a distributor for the energy system. All chakras tune to its frequency.

Mindfulness lesson:

A balanced third chakra promotes good health, feeling full, meeting life’s challenges, being active, and using your energetic resources in a productive way. Someone with a balanced third chakra takes action and is confident, disciplined, and responsible. They are moving toward realizing their purpose and embracing expansion.

An unbalanced third chakra leads to a passive attitude to your best interests. Inactivity, blame, untapped opportunity, frustration, anger, fear, anxiety, and panic all create paralysis of the third chakra. Hoarding reflects an imbalance in the third chakra as does reacting instead of responding.

Mindfulness exercise:

Ask yourself: Are you reacting or responding to what’s unfolding in your life right now?

Reacting is acting without thought or intention.

Responding is acting thoughtfully and with clear intention.

“Come together. Help each other out. Be kind in your actions and in your words. Be helpful. Share your resources. When you share your resources, you expand your resources. It’s a metaphysical principle…The more you share, the more you expand.”

– Deanna

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“She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with the universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings.”

– Ariana Dancu

Dedicate the fruits of your practice today to someone in need. Tune into your breath.

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