Guided Video Meditation: 12 Minute Balanced Breath

Two women with eyes closed in a seated meditation.

New Guided Meditation

12 Minute Balanced Breathing Exercise

Enjoy this 12 minute breathing exercise to help you deepen your breath, ground your body, and center your mind.


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Liked this meditation? We just released a new class series on balance. When you sign up for the course, you’ll get immediate access to 5 beautiful classes to help you find more balance in your breath, body, mind, and heart. This course is a great addition to any meditation practice. Whether you’re a seasoned meditator or a beginning student looking for an immersive experience, this course will give you several extended guided meditations to add to your repertoire. Every meditation practice can use some guidance from time-to-time, which is what you’ll find in this course.


Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up:


✔️ Part 1: Cultivating Balance Using Mindful Breathing

In this class, we review the foundations of mindfulness. We explore how to use mindfulness and mindful breathing to expand body awareness. In our extended meditation, we balance the body by spending time breathing into both sides of the body, beginning with the head and ending with the toes. Promoting balance between the right and left sides of the body gives way to healing. As we become aware of subtle shifts in the body, we realize our power to change the way we feel.


✔️ Part 2: Grounding Practice for Body Balance

In this class, we cultivate a balanced body using grounding and intention. You’ll learn the ways that physical balance is connected to decision making and inner balance. Together in our breathing exercises and extended meditation, we’ll use the breath to let go and center our bodies. We’ll use our intention to carry forward what has the most positive impact on our bodies and lives.


✔️ Part 3: Center of Head and Balanced Mind

In this class, you’ll learn about the center of head (aka neutral mind) technique. Practicing being in a neutral space gives us more mental clarity and balance. Using the center of head technique, you’ll learn how to notice your thoughts and feelings from a place of observation and non-judgment. Through this practice, we increase our awareness of where we put our attention. We grow our capacity to regulate our emotions and respond thoughtfully to stimulus.


✔️ Part 4: Wholeness is a Balanced Heart

In this class, we dedicate our practice to someone we love. This class is all about nurturing a balanced heart by opening the heart space. We meditate together to expand love within ourselves and extend that love to others. The heart is the connection point between ourselves and others. It’s the bridge between the physical and the spiritual. Together, we find the balance in our heart space.


✔️ Part 5: Integrating Balance In Your Daily Life

In this class, we’ll give you tools to integrate balance into all aspects of your life. Previously in our Balance Series, we’ve studied balance as it relates to the breath, body, mind, and heart. In this class, we combine those elements to explore ways we can create more balance everywhere. We’ll connect with different energy centers in the body in our extended meditation to release tension and promote balance.


Class structure:

✔️ 3 minute introduction to class

✔️ 10 minute opening breathing exercise

✔️ 12 minute lesson about that episode’s topic

✔️ 25 minute guided meditation

✔️ 5 minute writing and reflection exercise

✔️ 5 minute closing breathing exercise


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