Happy International Women’s Day 2019!

We’ve been privileged to meditate with so many powerful, awe-inspiring women throughout the years. We are a women-led and owned company and proud of it! To all you women out there: you rock our world!

A little wisdom from one of our teachers, Wendy Williams:
“It’s time for the divine feminine to lead…The divine feminine has been down and hidden and thought of as less than. What’s really important now is that women learn how to step up into leadership in their own lives. And once they’re full, [to step up into that leadership position] in the world. But only after you’re full.”

We love this! Women are taught to be caretakers. Oftentimes, that creates women who are really good about caring for others, but don’t know how to care for themselves. On this beautiful day of women, we want you to think about what you need most right now to take care of yourself.

What’s something you need that you’ve been ignoring?
Maybe it’s physical pain and you need help managing it. Maybe you’re working so hard that it’s making you sick and you need to slow down. Or maybe you’re trying to be there for someone who’s toxic and you need to let that person go. Whatever it is, think about something you can do to care for yourself – this month and beyond.

To every woman in our community: thank you for being here with us. We thank our lucky stars everyday that we’re surrounded by so many wonderful women.


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