Manifesting in 2019: Actionable Steps

Moving Beyond 2018

Consider five tendencies you’d like throw in the metaphorical trash can. If you’re doing too much, consider leaving behind the tendency you have to do everything. Or, maybe you don’t overcommit yourself, but you’re critical and overthink things. In this case you might consider leaving behind the need to be right, perfect, or combative. If you tend to struggle, leave behind struggle and the story you tell yourself and others about your struggles.

Taking Stock of 2018

List five things you accomplished in 2018. Now stand back and admire yourself! Check out how many things you did.

This a very straightforward but important list. We rarely take a moment to recognize our victories, let alone write them down. This is powerful juice for our creative process because it focuses directly on what we’re already creating in our lives. By doing this, it’s easy to see the good and the bad. It’s an opportunity to take stock in what we did well and what we struggle with, which allows us to move toward what works and leave behind what doesn’t serve us anymore.

What You’re Cultivating in 2019

List five things that you want to create and manifest in your life over the next twelve months. Keep it simple, and distill “the what” down to its essence. For example, if you want to be happier, seek and explore what grows your inner happiness. That might mean saying “yes” more often, even to experiences that scare you. If you want more loving relationships, consider practicing the golden rule: treat others like you want to be treated. Cultivate a daily practice of gratitude and self-care, like meditating, for example! Like taking our classes, for example! Make a few copies of this list and strategically place it in an area you will see it daily.

Look Out for Our Live Event Recap

We’re hosting a live manifestation event this Saturday, January 26th. The event is now full, but look forward to our recap! We’ll be sending recap goodies out via our newsletter and social media!


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