Manifesting in 2019: Your Mission

Not So Fast

Whoa, there. We know you want to get to manifesting your goals like, right now. But there are a couple of things that need to happen first. Overlooking these things can result in nausea, hypertension, and possibly existential crisis. Okay, we’re kidding about that part.

What we’re not kidding about: now is the time to take a few minutes to pause and reflect. Take stock of what you’ve already accomplished and what you already have. If you don’t, you’ll create from a vague or false place.

Remember The Things That Matter

We bet some of you have forgotten about how many cool things you did last year. So often, we create a list of goals from a place of lack. With that attitude, all you’re going to do is say, “I want, I want, I want.” If you’re doing that, you’re missing the point. And you’re not giving yourself credit for your achievements. So hold on. Take a moment to think about what you’re grateful for. Take another moment to recognize what you accomplished in 2018. It might surprise you how much you already have. If something happened last year that was a huge bummer, try to look at it this way: you got through that, and that’s hard work. Even if last year was not your best, you succeeded because you got through it.

Create A Mission Statement

Before creating a list of goals, we like to create a mission statement. A mission statement can be simple or wildly creative. You can write your mission statement in Word, or you can write it in big, bubbly letters on a poster board, and surround it with cutout images. Either way, your mission statement should consider how you want to go about your year. What is this year going to feel like? What, big picture, do you want to accomplish? What’s an affirming statement that makes you feel really good? Put that in your mission statement.

Have fun, and attach your mission statement or an image of it in the comments below. We love to chat!


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