Meet the People Behind SDG Meditation!

Hello and happy holidays from SDG Meditation! There are many people who make SDG Meditation possible, but you might not know all of us. We are:

Michele Houck is our business strategist/coach and marketing specialist.

Sofia Marcus-Myers is our photographer, videographer, copywriter, and Deanna’s business partner.

Deanna Marcus is the founder of Self-Discovery Group. She’s also a healer and has her own private practice in the Portland, Oregon area.

Kirk Cook is Deanna’s teaching partner. He’s also a hypnotherapist and NLP trainer. Most importantly, he makes us all breakfast every Monday morning when we have our meetings!

Barbara Nicholson-Sambuceto is a co-teacher with Deanna and Kirk. Barb is a physical therapist with a specialty in oncology.

Celeste Folsom is our web and brand designer. SDG Meditation wouldn’t have been possible without Celeste’s vision!

Thank you to everyone who makes SDG Meditation thrive! And thank you all for watching!

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