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September 2019: Bonus Meditation 9/2!

Enjoy a grounding meditation while you’re waiting for our next live Monday Medi, which will take place on September 16 at 9:30AM PST on Facebook and Instagram. See you there!

In September we’ll be working with allowing things to fall away that no longer serve us. Grounding is a great technique to create balance and stability. Grounding helps us release and let go of unproductive energy that no longer serves a purpose in our lives.

Stay tuned for more Monday Medis related to this topic, coming mid-September!

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Where, Oh Where Is Your Awareness?

Welcome to Monday Medi Moments and March Mindfulness! This month we’re learning all about mindfulness and grounding. Mindfulness is the awareness of this moment: of the here and now. The title of this week’s #MondayMediMoments is “Where, Oh Where Is Your Awareness?” Next week we’ll discuss what you’re rooting into and if it aligns with what you want to grow in your life. Tune in on Facebook and Instagram next Monday at 9:30AM PST! Happy March Mindfulness! 🧘🏼‍♀️

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