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June 2019: Self Acceptance

Welcome to the first Monday Medi of June! June is the month of unity. The Greek goddess, Juno, is the deity of marriage. This month, we'll be exploring unity and connection. How do you create unity in your life? Do you acknowledge and seek connection with people?

This week, we're focusing on self-acceptance. Join us for a short mindfulness lesson and meditation.

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Notice Your Ripple Effect

Welcome to our tenth edition of Monday Medi Moments, our weekly live meditation event! We go live on Facebook and Instagram every Monday at 9:30AM PST.

It’s April. The Greek word, Aprilis, means open. This month, we’ll be exploring openness.

This week, stand still and notice your ripple effect. Notice where you grip and hold tension in your life. Take a moment to become aware of your body.

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