Need a little more balance in your life? Try these four exercises.

October is the month of Libra. Libra is the astrological sign of balance, equilibrium, and harmony. This month we’ve been honoring Libra energy by teaching about and meditating on balance. To feel a greater sense
of balance in your life, practice embodying the four pillars of balance. Each pillar builds off of the last to form the building blocks of balance. The four pillars of balance are:

  1. Ease

    Ease is related to the second chakra. It’s all about the sensations you feel. Ease can be felt through the breath. You don’t have to get caught up with the things you have no control over. Approach things with ease. Slow down and enjoy
    the process. Feel the sensations that life has to offer.

    Mindfulness Exercise: what does ease mean to you? Think about that question, write down your thoughts, and read them over. Considering what you wrote, apply ease to your actions throughout your day. Apply ease to your
    breath, to difficult situations, and to all the things you take for granted, like drinking, breathing, thinking, and moving.

  2. Patience

    Patience comes from the fourth chakra. The fourth chakra says “I relate;” it’s your inner teacher. Your patience will expand when you cultivate a sense of ease in your life. Let yourself be guided by your inner teacher. Apply patience to
    all the small things outside of your control, like a traffic jam. Take a breath and enjoy the break.

    Mindfulness Exercise: bring a sense of ease to your day. There are many things we all experience in life that we can’t control. When you find yourself in those situations, take a deep breath. If you get stuck in traffic,
    for example, try considering it a break from the activities of your day rather than another stressor.

    Consider the following…

    • Where do you lack patience in your life?
    • Take a moment to notice and be grateful for the things you’d usually take for granted, like your morning coffee. How do you feel differently after practicing ease? Has your patience expanded since you applied ease to your day?
    • Where in your life would you like to experience more ease? How can you apply a sense of patience to those areas? If you’re having a hard time answering these questions, notice where in your life you feel a sense of tension or
      resistance. Is there anything you could do to soften that tension?Consider this quote:

      “Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and the water is clear?”

      – Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

  3. Insight

    Insight resonates from your sixth chakra. Your sixth chakra is your third eye – it’s the command center for your intuition. It’s from where you develop clairvoyance. Be observant. You are simply the witness to your thoughts; you are not
    your thoughts. Insight is your capacity to see yourself clearly. It’s the art of introspection, intuition, and finding your purpose. What energy are you bringing to your everyday life experience?

    Mindfulness Exercise: notice what quality of energy you bring to your life. Focus on yourself, not others. Remember, insight is your capacity to see yourself clearly.

    Try This: find a comfortable seat, close or relax your eyes, and breathe. Find the center of your head. The center of your head is the neutral mind. Place an index finger on the top middle of your head. Put another index
    finger right above and between your eyebrows. The place where those two points would intersect is the center of your head.

    What’s helpful about finding this neutral space is that the more you do it, the more you’ll realize that you’re not your thoughts. You are actually the observer of your thoughts. How does knowing this expand your insight into who you are
    and how you act?

  4. Harmony

    Harmony comes from your fifth (throat) chakra, where you speak your truth. It comes from a sense of living in your truth. Harmony is felt by developing a deep awareness for yourself and your environment. Just as each pillar of balance
    begets the next pillar, harmony is the combination of ease, insight, and patience. Find harmony within the world around you by embodying ease, insight, and patience.

    Mindfulness Exercise: use what you’ve learned from the last three exercises to find connection to yourself, others, and the world around you. Let us guide you in a grounding meditation by clicking here. Try practicing this meditation for 21 days – that’s the amount of time it takes to create a habit.

Have questions? Ask away in the comments section below! We love hearing from you.

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