Now Offering Weekly Meditation Classes Via Zoom!

Now Offering Weekly Meditation Classes Via Zoom SDG Meditation

Weekly meditation classes start in January!

Please note: This offering has currently ended.

Happy New Year! Beginning January 5th, we’ll be offering weekly meditation classes via Zoom from 7-8PM Pacific. Our meditation classes are open to all experience levels. No matter how long you’ve been meditating, the guided meditations, breathing exercises, and mindfulness techniques you’ll learn in our classes will help you expand your own practice.

Each month, we’ll explore a new theme in class. In January, we’ll focus on setting an intention: how to set a powerful intention, the benefits of intention setting, and how intention fuels your meditation practice. 

Our weekly meditation classes anchor you to your practice.

For those of you who’re just starting or even revisiting your meditation practice, our weekly classes will help you develop consistency within your practice. After all, it can be hard to remember to meditate regularly when you’re first starting out. We’re here to support you. Even if you skip meditation for a few days, you can always come to meditation class on Wednesday’s, helping you stay connected to your practice.


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