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Deanna Marcus

My meditation journey began more than three decades ago. I was searching for a way to reduce the headaches I’d been plagued with since childhood. I also deeply wanted to learn about metaphysics. Intuitively, I’d always grasped the way energy worked. My grandfather was my first exposure to personal growth and mindfulness. He taught Dale Carnegie and was a mason. I’m pretty sure that the first place I saw an acupuncture meridian map was in my grandfather’s study when I was just a teenager. When I saw the map, I could vaguely see how the lines of energy ran through the body and energy system. Even then, I understood that we’re all just energy. Some energy was denser than other energy. For example, the physical body is denser than the aura.

In my very early twenties, a friend referred me to a clairvoyant consultant, and I went to see her for an energy reading and healing. I quickly realized that I wanted to learn more about whatever she was doing, so I signed up for a meditation class. That was the start of a journey that has now spanned my entire adult life. My teachers were trained through programs at Berkeley Psychic Institute, founded in 1973 by Lewis Bostwick. Bostwick blended East Indian philosophy, metaphysics, and progressive ideas. He then created a series of courses that allowed students to expand their awareness, develop their psyche, and learn to change energy.

In 1992, I created Self-Discovery Group. I developed my own programs, designed to heal, train the mind, and expand awareness. My work is a combination of metaphysics, mindfulness, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), energy work, and spirituality. I am inspired by East Indian philosophies, Chinese medicine, yoga, and astrology. I’ve had a thriving private practice for three decades, and I’ve taught countless classes and workshops. Now I’m bringing my years of dedication to this online platform to make meditation and metaphysics accessible to you!

Session description: During my sessions, I psychically look at your seven major energy centers (chakras). They tell me a story about who you are, where you come from, and where your patterns take you. Doing this, I can see where your energy stagnates, and why it stagnates. I then use my hands to heal your energy - I can shift, move, and change your energy. All the while, I coach you through a process of positive change in your life.

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Barbara Sambuceto


I have studied meditation with Self-Discovery Group for nearly two decades, completing my teacher training in 2002. Meditation and metaphysics have given me greater self-awareness leading to reduced stress, improved mental clarity, and an increased ability to create a fuller, richer life. I have spent my career developing and teaching programs for physical therapists who treat patients recovering from cancer. Meditation is an incredibly important aspect of my career. I have had the opportunity to lecture and teach meditation and mindfulness techniques to cancer survivors. I have great interest in evidence-based research on the outcomes of meditation and mindfulness training as it applies to the health and well-being of patients. Today I work as the Director of the Cancer Institute for a large health organization and continue to use meditation and the tools I learned within Self-Discovery Group to navigate the daily challenges of a busy career.


Kirk Cook

I began studying meditation and metaphysics in my late teens and quickly started applying what I had learned to my personal and working life. For 25 years, I have focused my work on empathy and personal growth, which I believe have powerful and positive effects on people’s lives. My working career has also included youth and adult facilitation, hypnotherapy, ropes courses, personal growth workshops, fire walking events, and meditation courses.

I hold a CHt and Master’s Certificate in Hypnosis (2001), and a Practitioner’s Masters and Trainer’s Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

My interests include world religion, integral theory, transpersonal psychology, and contemplative practices. Here’s what I’ve come to believe: knowledge remains only information unless it is applied directly toward one’s self. I am here to help you learn about meditation and mindfulness, but also to help you apply what you learn to your life.

Session description: My sessions are 90 minutes. During your first session, we’ll spend 45 minutes talking about what you’d like to work on. I will observe the language you use to describe your situation so that I can use your own words when I hypnotize you. This helps people feel more comfortable, and it makes hypnosis that much more effective. Hypnosis lasts for about 45 minutes; I’ll lead you to a hypnotic state (it might feel like you’re asleep, but doesn’t always). In that hypnotic state, I will embed productive suggestions in your subconscious mind that will help you change the behavior or condition you would like to change.

In our sessions, we’ll talk about what it is that’s causing pain or disrupting your life. Once we discover and understand what’s causing the disruption, we’ll begin a process of strategy creation that will begin to offer some relief to what’s hurting you. This process will evolve as we discover what direction your healing is taking. Using hypnosis, I embed positive strategies into your subconscious mind.

My work covers a variety of things, including depression, anxiety, and other emotionally-based issues, physical difficulties (auto-immune system), addiction, and eating disorders and their cause. I also work to bridge divides that can occur between parents and teens. My goal is to help you feel free within yourself.

I look forward to meeting you!

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Sofia Marcus-Myers

I like to say that I grew up in a therapist’s office, which is a simplification of the truth. My mom, being the psychic healer she is, and my stepdad, being the hypnotherapist he is, couldn't help but influence the lens I see the world through. More literally, though, I am no stranger to a therapist’s office. Growing up, I was always in and out of therapy, and I am so grateful for the lessons I learned there.

When I was young, I vacillated between wanting to be a therapist, a photojournalist, or a fashion designer. All of these things came true in their own way. By trade, I am a photographer, but I remain passionate about the healing arts. (I also love putting together a fabulous outfit in the morning, though I am no fashion designer.) Since I was a teenager, I have taken all of Deanna and Kirk’s courses. I enjoy watching the immediate effect that healing has, and I try to instill healing qualities into everything I do. As quite the busy body, meditation continues to help me all the time. I can’t wait for you to dig into the online resources we have created!

Session description: I work with small business owners, get to know their brand, and create dynamic visual content for their websites and social media. If you’re a small business owner and like the imagery on our website and in our classes, view my website to contact me (www.sofiaangelina.com).

I also use photography as a healing modality. For years, I have photographed myself to heal trauma of my own; I help others to do the same. A few years ago, I started what I call “The Body Beautiful Project,” in which I ask people to tell me something that makes them feel empowered. I then write what they tell me on their bodies, and photograph them, creating self-portraits of sorts. If you are interested in booking a Body Beautiful session, you can do so at sofiaangelina.com/body-beautiful-sessions!


Wendy C. Williams

I’ve taught spiritual growth, personal growth, energy work, energy healing, and manifesting for over eight years. I have a degree in Counseling Psychology from a Positive Psychology school, which means I understand human potential as well as how to diagnose and treat psychological disorders. I have studied how to bring out the best in people and how to coach them toward greater fulfillment, joy, and self-mastery in life.

I am a speaker and course creator who passionately shares my knowledge with anyone who asks. At my core, I am a teacher. It is my greatest desire that you are able to learn from our courses and succeed in living your best life! There is no greater reward.