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Deanna Marcus

Founder and Healer

From big to small organizations and everything in between, I’ve worked with thousands of people over the past 31 years. My clients have included rockstars, entertainers, movie producers, and executives from Nike, Amazon, Intel, Microsoft, Starbucks, PPS, several large health care organizations, non-profits, and more.

I’m an eternal curiosity seeker. I want to know what makes people tick. No matter your story or where you come from, I’m interested in who you are. My curiosity about people has sustained my practice for its 31 years.

The healing work I do is quite a unique blend of energy work, intuition, metaphysics, strategy coaching, and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). I’ve never met someone who does what I do. My work comes from my intuitive ability that I’ve been honing my whole life. It comes from thousands of years of knowledge that can only be passed down from other healers with intuitive gifts.

I have two types of sessions: 60 minute and 75 minute sessions. Initial sessions with me are always 75 minutes. You can choose to have your session via phone, FaceTime, or Zoom.

I track, move, and change energy while giving you the tools you need to make shifts in the way you think, behave, and make choices. I’ve helped thousands of people make significant business decisions, change years old habits, cultivate healthy relationships, and find relief from stress disorders, loss, and depression.

Everything is energy. My gift is that I can see and read that energy. It is you, your loved ones, the people you work with, your business, the house you live in. I will guide you so that you can experience ease and manifest abundance.

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Sofia Keller

Content Creator and Student Advocate

SDG Meditation has always been a part of my life. As one half of the mother/daughter duo behind SDGMeditation.com, I was immersed in this business before I ever began creating content for it.

I began as SDG Meditation’s copywriter in 2014. As someone with a lifelong immersive experience in Deanna’s work, I was uniquely qualified to write for SDG. 

In 2018, I suggested to Deanna that we create an online platform for her mostly analog business, which we did. Together, we worked with a small team to make Deanna’s vision available online. This made it possible for students around the globe to enjoy Deanna’s incredible work. Deanna and I reviewed 30 years of analog course content and created countless free meditation videos, eCourses, and other digital resources. I’ve had the privilege of helping Deanna teach, produce digital courses, and serve our students.



Kirk Cook

Teacher and Hypnotherapist

began studying meditation and metaphysics in my late teens and quickly started applying what I had learned to my personal and working life. For 25 years, I have focused my work on empathy and personal growth, which I believe have powerful and positive effects on people’s lives. My working career has also included youth and adult facilitation, hypnotherapy, ropes courses, personal growth workshops, fire walking events, and meditation courses.

I hold a CHt and Master’s Certificate in Hypnosis (2001), and a Practitioner’s Masters and Trainer’s Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

My interests include world religion, integral theory, transpersonal psychology, and contemplative practices. Here’s what I’ve come to believe: knowledge remains only information unless it is applied directly toward one’s self. I am here to help you learn about meditation and mindfulness, but also to help you apply what you learn to your life.

Session description: My sessions are 90 minutes. During your first session, we’ll spend 45 minutes talking about what you’d like to work on. I will observe the language you use to describe your situation so that I can use your own words when I hypnotize you. This helps people feel more comfortable, and it makes hypnosis that much more effective. Hypnosis lasts for about 45 minutes; I’ll lead you to a hypnotic state (it might feel like you’re asleep, but doesn’t always). In that hypnotic state, I will embed productive suggestions in your subconscious mind that will help you change the behavior or condition you would like to change.

In our sessions, we’ll talk about what it is that’s causing pain or disrupting your life. Once we discover and understand what’s causing the disruption, we’ll begin a process of strategy creation that will begin to offer some relief to what’s hurting you. This process will evolve as we discover what direction your healing is taking. Using hypnosis, I embed positive strategies into your subconscious mind.

My work covers a variety of things, including depression, anxiety, and other emotionally-based issues, physical difficulties (auto-immune system), addiction, and eating disorders and their cause. I also work to bridge divides that can occur between parents and teens. My goal is to help you feel free within yourself.

I look forward to meeting you!

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