The Power of Breath

This month on Monday Medi Moments, we’ve been teaching about the power of the breath and how to use it to expand our energetic resources.

Four key things about breath:

  1. Your breath is your reset button and most important resource. You can’t survive without it.

  2. Every breath provides an opportunity to inhale new oxygen and energetic resources, and exhale carbon dioxide and waste from the body. That is the nature of the breath. Inhale, refresh. Exhale, release.

  3. Conscious breathing elevates stress and focuses the mind, just as breathing quickly and shallowly or gasping for air can pique anxiety and confusion.

  4. Cultivating length and quality to your breath helps you relax and soften anxiety, lower your blood pressure, and release toxins from your body.

Breathing is a moving meditation, a powerful one. The breath also helps you ground yourself. If you find yourself drifting from the present moment when you’re meditating, all you have to do is come back to your breath.

Try this:

  • Notice what affects your breath. Breathe consciously. Throughout your day, notice how you’re breathing. Notice the quality of your breath in different situations. What did you discover?

  • To reset quickly: breathe with intention. Inhale, refresh. Exhale, release.

  • Easy mindful meditation practice: simply pay attention to your breath throughout your day.

Breathing brings renewal. You’ll notice that when you experience things that are emotionally or physically disagreeable, you’ll tend to hold your breath and create distraction. That’s why we’re asking you to get curious about how you breathe throughout your day. When you notice yourself gripping or holding your breath, simply take a moment to unclench and breathe deeply. Ahhhhh.

Try our meditations below and let us know what you think! How do you feel after giving your lungs and heart a little love?

Thanks for reading and happy beginning of fall!

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