Manifestation Meditation 1 | January 2020

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Welcome back to Monday Medi Moments and happy New Year! #MondayMediMoments are nutrient-packed, 10-20 minute workshops. Each month has a theme and each Monday we explore a facet of the monthly theme. This month’s theme is setting your intention for 2020.

Each Monday Medi has…

– A lesson about the topic we’re exploring

– A mindfulness exercise related to that topic

– A wonderful meditation

Today’s lesson:

Choose a word that represents your intention for 2020. This month we’ll be working with intention, attention, and cultivating our agenda for 2020. We’ll be taking elements from a yearly workshop we do called “Mission to Manifest.”

Food for thought:

  • What’s your word of the year? This word is the seed that you want to grow in your life. My word this year is supple. Your word drives your mission forward for the year. My mission statement for this year is, “I am supple in mind, body and action. I expand compassion, patience and simplicity.” Over the next week I want you to pick a word that most resonates with you.

  • Refine your intention. Can you use your word in your 2020 mission statement? This mission statement will become your 2020 mantra. What is your aim for this year?

  • Surrender and yield to your vision for yourself by letting go of something for the sake of your mission. We let go of things that no longer serve us anymore to make way for things that do. We have to be willing to sacrifice something that limits and blocks the potential of our mission. This could include spending too much time on your phone, having too little human contact, working too much, and toxic thought patterns. Surrender to manifest. Say this to yourself: I release attachment and expand the essence of love. I surrender attachments and fear.

Mindfulness exercise:

What is your word? Your word is the seed that you’re growing and that moves your intention forward for 2020.

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“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language. And next year’s words await another voice.”

– T.S. Eliot

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