Your Path to Freedom

This month on Monday Medi Moments, we’ve been talking about and meditating on freedom and the fine art of effortlessness.

Pay attention and be mindful.

To experience freedom, we must learn to act by choice rather than by predetermined actions (a.k.a. our habits). The way we find freedom is by letting go of the things that bind us to our past. Binding creates a loop in our thoughts, behaviors, and actions.

The beauty is that we get to choose the quality of our thoughts, actions, and behaviors. It simply takes practice.

This month, we’ve been discussing these five elements of freedom:

  1. Which areas of your life are you craving freedom?

    Freedom is only possible when you can identify where you want to experience more freedom in your life. Think about where you feel stuck verses where you feel you have fluidity. Think about the flow of your life. Where do you experience tension in your job, relationships, or body?

  2. Where do you already experience freedom in your life?

    Try to articulate what freedom already feels like to you. Where in your life do you experience ease and non-resistance?

  3. What do you need to let go of to experience freedom?

    In order to feel free, we often have to let go of things or people. Be willing to be honest with yourself. However, rather than judge yourself, try to see yourself from the stance of a neutral observer.

  4. Find your flow.

    Be willing to accept what’s true for you. You’ll find that the more honest you are with yourself and the more you act on that honesty, the more you’ll begin to move with ease and effortlessness.

  5. Forgive yourself and others.

    Be willing to forgive for the purpose of freeing yourself. It can be hard to let go of old resentments and losses in order to experience freedom. When we release the wounds of our past we change the outcome of our future. When we release the friction between ourselves and others we create ease. Forgiveness allows you to move past old wounds and judgement and create from a place of contentment and flow.

Look for the areas in your life where you feel like you’re holding back. Follow the tension in you body, thoughts, and experience, and see if you can shift it slightly. Try softening your approach.

It’s tempting to look outside of ourselves to explain why we don’t feel free, but doing so will not lead to freedom. Instead, be open to recognizing the role you play in how you feel. What can you change or let go of to feel ease and freedom in your life? What do you have control over?

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