Embracing Healthy Conflict Meditation | February 2020

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Welcome back to #MondayMediMoments, this week taught by Kirk! This month we’re focusing on one of our favorite topics: love. Monday Medi Moments are nutrient packed mini workshops that range from 10 to 20 minutes long. Each month has a theme and each Monday we present a facet/topic of the monthly theme. Our episodes start with a mindfulness lesson and mindfulness exercise, and end with a grounding meditation.

If you’d prefer to skip ahead to this week’s meditation, start this video at 11:30.

Mindfulness lesson:

This week, we’re talking about the heart. Everyone has two hearts. One is exactly what you think it is: the heart organ that pumps blood throughout your body via the circulatory system. The heart delivers nutrients to your entire body and removes carbon dioxide and other waste products from your body.

Your other heart is your energetic heart: your heart center. The heart center (fourth chakra) teaches us to embrace unconditional love, compassion, humility, joy, kindness, peace, gratitude, simplicity, patience, authenticity, potential, and purpose. Your heart center relates to others, seeks connection, affinity, ethics, values, and relationships.

However, our heart center can be overridden by our thinking mind. Our brains can be very persuasive, especially if we’re seeking approval and internal value from others. This is how we find ourselves in situations that aren’t in our best interest. By quieting our minds and practicing mindfulness, we’re able to bring our awareness back to our heart center and build our worth from our inside, out.

Mindfulness exercise:

Your thinking mind and your heart center can at times be in conflict with each other. Your exercise this week is to soften any uncomfortable feelings you might have around conflict. Embrace it! Conflict is part of life; don’t be afraid of it. It has a purpose. Sometimes all you need to do to soften conflict is to acknowledge that it’s there and to let it be, not try to avoid it.

“No matter how great the love, the pain, the sadness, the wisdom of the heart will bring you peace.”

– Anonymous

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